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Posted by More Than Me on September 23, 2011 at 5:35 PM

In my twenties, I dated men of all nationalities and races...Serbian/Yugoslavian, Croatian, Romanian, Dutch, Korean, Cambodian, Morrocan~French, German, Egyptian, Nigerian, African Decent American, Caucasian American, Caribbean, Palestinian, and the top of my head. They were all nice men in their own way, but the common thread of those that weren't full "black" or mixed with "black" was that I couldn't be brought home to meet the family. Our relationship would not be accepted. That was usually when the break up would happen. If I'm not good enough to meet your family, you aren't good enough to date me.

I was really saddened have to part ways with some of them, because I really thought we could have had something special, but when it came down to it I realized that we all have our own familial prejudices. We all have someone we paused before taking them home. I am grateful for the experiences I received with these men because they helped mold me to the woman that I am now. A couple of them I wished death upon for a period of time, but that is stories for a different blog. I am happy with me now. I learned thru trial and error what I want and don't want, what I will and won't accept, and how I look and treat other people of other races.

Granted, you can learn those things from people of your same race and background, but there is a slight difference to the education. If I was a different person, the fact that these men would shower me with the world as long as it didn't involve their parents and parents community, it would have given me a complex. I'm glad I'm as strong as I am and know my worth and beauty inside and out.

My advice for dating outside your race or religion is make sure you have a partner that is strong enough in themselves that they would have your back in this world no matter what comes your way together. There are quite a few old world parents and grandparents that you will just never please, so as long as you two are ready for the fight...blaze trails. If you aren't however, find someone your own speed.

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